Drug and alcohol have the unique ability to completly ruin someone’s life. Many people who use drugs and alcohol on a regular basis don’t even think they have a problem. Often times it takes a friend or close family member to point out that someone is letting addiction control their life. While it is often hard to tell when drugs and alcohol are in control, there are several questions someone can ask themselves in order to gain a better perspective on their drug and alcohol use. The following questions are not intended to diagnose addiction, but rather provide valuable perspective on why someone uses. Try to answer as honestly as possible, otherwise you are only lying to yourself.

·         How often do you use? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

·         Do you use drugs or drink alone or with friends?

·         Have you tried to quit in the past?

·         Do you neglect friends or obligations due to substance use?

·         Do you black out every time you drink?

·         Have you made decisions while drunk or high that you regret?

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